Proposing to My Bridesmaids

As most of you already know, I’m a fiancée now!  On April 2, 2022, I said Y-E-S to being future Mrs. Bean. We’ve wasted no time with the planning process, and I’ve been enjoying every step of the way. First came my proposal, then four months later I proposed to my bridal party which is why you’re here; so, let’s get into the details! 

First off, bridesmaid proposal? Where do they do that and why? I didn’t fully understand it until becoming a bridesmaid in the past. It’s essentially a formal way of officially asking your bridal party to be a part of your special day. There are typically small, customized gifts involved but you make it whatever YOU want because it’s YOUR proposal. There are no rules and no right or wrong way to propose to your people – just make it special and memorable for you and them because I’m sure as a team you all will have a long journey ahead.

Selecting my bridal party came naturally – it didn’t take much thought or contemplation because I’ve known for years who I’d want standing on my side on my wedding day. From diapers to grade school, college and adulthood – I’m confident that God handpicked each of these ladies to come into my life at different phases for a reason. 

Party of 9’ing (missing one in photo) through October 2023!

The Gifts

With that being said, I wanted to make sure my gift to them was something special that they’d be able to use over time with a LavAsh touch, of course. After a Pinterest and Etsy search for inspo, I immediately knew the vibe I was going for. Clear, acrylic boxes with each of their names on them were perfect with a girly, minimalistic touch. My good friend Kayla with Small Town Designs made my vision come to life for a fraction of the price (be sure to show her business some love!). Below I’ll list the box details and everything that was inside.

  • Mini flask- These are the CUTEST and will for sure be put to good use. The bedazzled lid is the perfect touch. I got each of my bridesmaids a rose gold flask and a white one for myself – all customized with our names. Find them here
  • Mini jewelry box – I got these on sale during Amazon Prime Days , but they’re still inexpensive. Kayla monogrammed their names on them for me, but you can also order straight from Etsy (inspo found here). 
  • Mini pink Moscato champagne – I picked up these barefoot bubblies at target but of course had to personalize them with labeling. Kayla created “pairs well with being a bridesmaid” labels for me and you can also find them here
  • Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears – These alcoholic gummies are the cutest but be aware that if you order straight from Sugarfina you’ll need to request them to come properly wrapped with iced packaging or they could melt like mine did my first time ordering. I recommend picking them up in-store at Nordstrom, if possible. 
  • Bridesmaid Proposal Calendar Card – This card included the “Will you be my” proposal question along with the date of the wedding. I added personalized hand-written messages on the back of each. Find them here. The vendor was very easy to work with and they were delivered within two days. 

The Presentation

After putting the gifts together, I knew I wanted to have a cute meet-up since most of the gang lives in the same city. I opted to have a luncheon at Bloom & Bee in Houston, TX since the ambiance was intimate, girly and cute. Along with that vibe, I asked my girls to wear any shade of pink (which is also my favorite color). The food was probably a 7/10, but the vibe was PERFECT for my bridesmaid proposal luncheon and the staff was very accommodating beforehand. Upon my request, they created and framed the cutest welcome sign for my table – it was the perfect touch. 

One thing to keep in mind if you ever host a special event at Bloom & Bee:  Don’t hire a professional photographer to join you in capturing moments because they will be turned away. However, shoutout to one of my favs, Christina Deshomme for finessing a quick, 10-minute shoot anyway (lol). 

Overall, this was so much fun! Prepare to be sick of me because all my bridal festivities will be made into events if it’s up to me. 

Again, there’s no right or wrong way to propose to your bridesmaids, but I hope you found mine to be interesting/inspiring for your own. Stay tuned for more to come from my bridal journey!  

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