Hey girl, hey!

I’m Ashley and I created this space to house all things that take place in my life that can contribute towards uplifting and informing others while taking notes from each other along the way. Creating this space has been on my mental to-do list for years, but 2020 lit a fire under my bum that pushed me to plan and press go. So here we are…. FINALLY!

You can say that I’m a small-town girl with big time dreams since I am from (and currently reside in) Beaumont, Texas.

For those who are unfamiliar, it’s approximately 1.5 hours from Houston, Texas where you can also find me on a regular basis.

Blogging may be a new hobby, but writing is where my education stems from as a former Mass Communication student. I received my bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University (GEAUX TIGERS!) and immediately started my career post-graduation doing PR and Community/Government Affairs work for a fortune-500 oil and gas company.

I recently finished grad school at Texas A&M University (go class of 2021) where I obtained my Master of Business Administration, so I’m currently enjoying being free on the weekends while having more time and energy to pour into this space and the future of my brand aspirations.

Fitness, fashion and lifestyle are the highlights of this blog since they’re easily the highlights of my life, but don’t be surprised if I randomly write about anything else that’s on my mind.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stay tuned for everything else I have up my sleeve!