LUVME Hair For the WIN!

Hey girl, hey! In this blog, I’m addressing one of the content suggestions several of you requested during my poll at the start of the year. The topic is (*drum roll): H A I R – something most of us take pride in and work to maintain whether it grows from our head or not (lol).

One thing about me: I cannot do my hair. This is something I’ve accepted about myself, which is why 99.9% of the time my hair is in some sort of protective style that will last for a couple of months at a time. As a natural-haired woman who works out at least five days a week and reports to work in corporate America on a daily basis, I’ve had to find hairstyles that are easy to maintain and work for my everyday routine. 

For those of you who are like me and prefer a cute, on-the-go option that’s easy to deal with, Luvme Hair has won me over by being a great solution!  Luvme Hair offers affordable luxury wigs made out of human hair that make looking cute effortless. I personally never felt confident when trying a few wigs in the past and quickly realized that lace or glue would NEVER be for me. However, this brand completely changed my perception of wigs (no cap). 

Luvme Hair offers several different wig options and hair textures, but my personal favorite is their headband wig in the jerry curl hair texture (pictured). It takes me less than five minutes to install, is beginner / lazy girl friendly, requires no glue or lace AND stays intact while working out. At this point, I wish they would’ve named it the “Ashley” wig because the description has my name ALL OVER IT, okay?! 

Their headband wig is easy to put into a ponytail or high bun when working out (super important for me) and easy to put right back down and style to my desired look, after. Do tracks show? Nope. Does it look “wiggy?” Nope. The only 2-minute effort I put towards this look is laying down my edges. 

Workout fit is from Fabletics.

Now, let’s get into the packaging. My Luvme Hair arrived within three days after placing the order and was beautifully packaged. The box it arrived in both looked and felt luxurious, making me feel like I received a personalized gift with a bow on top. 

The box was filled with: 

  • Wig + dust bag
  • Five different headbands
  • Two wig caps 
  • Tweezers
  • Bobby pins
  • Baby hair comb/brush
  • Silk scarf 
  • Bedazzled Luvme hair clip
  • Elastic wig band 
  • Wig instruction manual

Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting all these goodies, and their visual presentation of the packaging exceeded my expectations! 

SURPRISE SURPRISE! If you’ve read this far, the code “joseph” will save you 20% off Luvme Hair products at checkout and will also put a little extra change in my coin purse. Leave comments if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoyed the read. What are you waiting for, sis? Head on over to

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