Activewear, but make it chic

I’ve always had a love for fashion – putting outfits together and creating interchangeable looks with quality pieces became a hobby for me at a young age. I love an outfit I can rock to the gym but then switch up to something I’d also go out in. It was important for me to create this vibe for the main photos on my website because it’s an accurate depiction of my style. 

You’d be surprised at how quickly an outfit can be switched up just by changing shoes and adding or taking away accessory pieces. For this look I rocked a chic activewear set from Carbon 38 with sneakers, then swapped out my shoes for snakeskin booties and added a faux fur jacket. 

It’s the details for me. I like to keep it fun, cute, and chic while investing in quality pieces and adding a few fast-fashion pieces to compliment without breaking the bank. I look forward to sharing all the deets of my interchangable outfit favs through this platform!

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